Books reviewed in this issue.

Volume 34 No. 3 July 2019


All That Impossible Space p.45

Almond, David p.42

Alt, Alexandra p.42

Amoore, Nat p.34

Amundsen’s Way: The Race to the South Pole p.24

Antarctic Journeys NZp.7

As Happy as Here p.36

Aurora Rising p.44

Baby Business p.28

Bambi the Blind Alpaca NZp.4

Bancks, Tristan p.34

Bate, Helen p.32

Bear Out There p.28

Blabey, Aaron p.28

Blake, Stephanie p.28

Bloom, Laura p.34

Bonjour Lucy Bee NZp.6

Booth, Christina p.33

Bowles, Trish ill. NZp.5

Brace, Rachel p.29

Canobi, K.H. p.42

Cantry, John p.30

Charlton-Trujill, e.E. p.44

Cheng, Christopher p.33

Children of the Dragon: The Race for the Red Dragon p.38

Chim, Wai p.42

Constable, Lee p.22

Cooper, Jenny ill. NZp.4, NZp.5

Dale, Christine NZp.4

Desmond, Jenni ill. p.29

Detention p.34

DEV1AT3 p.45

Dippy’s Big Day Out p.26

Do, Anh p.34

Don’t Follow Vee p.40

Dream Peddler, The p.32

Duck Duck Moose p.26

Duggan, Cait p.44

Elliott, Mick p.34

Fat Angie Volume 2: Rebel Girl Revolution p.44

Ferris, Fleur p.35

Flit the Fantail and the Mystery Eggs NZp.4

Foot, Mandy p.28

French, Jackie and Bruce Whatley p.26

French, Jackie p.36

Gifford, Lucinda ill. p.30

Gifford, Lucinda p.26

Godwin, Jane p.36

Good Thieves, The p.41

Grant, Jacob p.28

Gravas, Mark p.31

Green, Sophie p.40

Grochowicz, Joanna p.24

Happy Birthday Wombat p.26

Harper, Glyn NZp.5

Harris, Chloe Jasmine p.30

Harry, Pip p.36

Hart, James ill. p.22

Heads and Tails Underwater p.30

Helidoniotis, Kathy p.38

Home Child: A Child Migrant in New Zealand NZp.5

How High the Moon p.40

How to Save the Whole Stinkin’ Planet p.22

I Am Change p.46

I Love Tomato Sauce! NZp.4

Ingram, Anne NZp.6

Ismail, Yasmeen p.29

Joe Quinn’s Poltergeist p.42

Joey and Riley p.28

Jolly, Jane p.32

Jorgensen, Norman p.38

Joy p.29

Joyner, Andrew ill. p.32

Kahukiwa, Reina NZp.5

Kahukiwa, Robyn ill. NZp.5

Kaida, Sam ill. p.22

Kaufman, Amie and Jay Kristoff p.44

King, Stephen Michael ill. p.30

Ko Flit te Tirairaka, Me Nga Heki Muna NZp.4

Kobald, Irena p.32

Kristoff, Jay p.45

Lagercrantz, Rose and Eva Eriksson p.38

Laguna, Ingrid p.35

Lai, Remy p.38

Larsen, Rebecca NZp.4

Last Balfour, The p.44

Leonard Doesn’t Dance p.26

Lesnie, Phil ill. p.32

Lim, Rebecca p.38

Little Wave, The p.36

Long, David p.22

Lummis, Jan NZp.4

Man With Small Hair, The p.32

Maple the Brave p.30

Max’s Divorce Earthquake p.29

May, Briony ill. p.26

McKean, Dave ill. p.42

McMillan, Dawn NZp.5

McQueen, F.M. NZp.6

Me and Mrs Moon p.32

Merewether, Kat NZp.4

Mika and Max p.34

Mindcull p.42

Miss Franklin: How Miles Franklin’s Brilliant Career Began p.32

Moore, Emma-Kate ill. NZp.6

Morgan, Anna p.45

Mountford, K.J. ill. p.40

Mousdale, Chris NZp.6

My Granfather’s War NZp.5

Nice Girls Don’t Play Footy p.38

Nicol, Lisa p.40

Nielsen, Christopher ill. p.32

Nits! p.28

Noodle Bear p.31

Nullaboo Hullabaloo p.35

One Careless Night p.33

One Tree p.33

Parsons, Karyn p.40

Pascoe, Bruce p.24

Perrini, Angela ill. p.29

Phommavanh, Oliver p.40

Pie in the Sky p.38

Pig the Tourist p.28

Place of Stone and Darkness, A NZp.6

Popova, Maria and Claudia Bedrick (eds) p.22

Potkin and Stubbs p.40

Prior, Natalie Jane p.30

Promise p.42

Raumati: My Summer Words NZp.4

Rebellion at Eureka p.41

Roberts, Ngaere NZp.4

Robinson, Michele p.26

Roderick and the Wizard of Endor NZp.6

Rundell, Katherine p.41

Saved!!! p.30

Secret of the Youngest Rebel, The p.36

Secrets of a Schoolyard Millionaire p.34

Sensitive p.45

Seymour, Jasmine p.28

Sick Bay p.41

Sievert, Nicky NZp.4

Songbird p.35

Squidge Dibley Destroy’s the School p.34

Standing Strong House, The NZp.5

Surprising Power of a Good Dumpling, The p.42

Te Haka a Tanerore (Tanerore’s Haka) NZp.5

Tirama, Tirama, Matariki / Twinkle, Twinkle, Matariki NZp.4

Tooth Fairy in Training p.26

Tucker, Alan p.41

Velocity of Being, A p.22

Vincent and the Grandest Hotel on Earth p.40

Wandering Star p.30

Watson, Judy ill. p.26

Watson, Renee p.45

Watts, Frances p.26

Webster, Allayne L. p.45

Weetman, Nova p.41

Werry, Philippa NZp.7

What Momma Left Me p.45

Whatley, Bruce ill. p.33

When Water Burns: Book 2 Telesa NZp.7

When We Walked on the Moon p.22

Where Dani Goes, Happy Follows p.38

Williams, Lydia p.30

Wolf Girl: Into the Wild p.34

Wreckers Revenge, The p.38

Young Dark Emu: A Truer History p.24

Young, Lani Wendt NZp.7