Books reviewed in this issue.

Volume 35 No. 2 May / June 2020


Agents of the Wild: Operation Honeyhunt p.37

Allen, Lisa ill. NZp.7

Aly, Hatem ill. p.36

Anisa’s Alphabet p.40

Anna K: A Love Story p.43

Are these Hen’s Eggs? p.34

Atkinson, Neill NZp.8

Aussie Kids: Meet Eve in the Outback p.37

Aussie Kids: Meet Katie at the Beach p.37

Aussie Kids: Meet Taj at the Lighthouse p.36

Aussie Kids: Meet Zoe and Zac at the Zoo p.36

Austen Girls, The p.44

Australia’s Second World War p.40

Awa and the Dreamrealm NZp.5

Azaria: A True History p.26

Bad Bassinis, The p.33

Barraud, Ned NZp.7

Bell, Jennifer p.37

Between, The p.43

Binks, Danielle p.38

Blair, Karen ill. p.37

Booth, Christine ill. p.29

Boyle, Josie Wowolla p.35

Brain Tricks NZp.7

Break the Fall p.42

Brother Moon p.33

Bubbay’s Desert Adventure p.35

Bunting, Philip p.26

Butterfly Yellow p.43

Caisley, Raewyn p.37

Carr-Gregg, Michael and Sharon Witt p.30

Chan, Weng Wei NZp.5

Chatterton, Martin p.46

Chicken’s Curse, The p.40

Chidgey, Catherine NZp.4

Clarke, Maxine Beneba p.36

Coote, Maree p.26

Corrigan, Caroline ill. p.29

Cowley, Katz ill. NZp.4

Crimi, Carolyn p.38

Croucher, Lex p.28

Darby, Rhys NZp.5

Darlinson, Aleesah p.38

Davies, Kate p.33

Deep Water p.42

Dinky Donkey, The NZp.4

Dippy and the Dinosaurs p.34

Duck, Apple, Egg p.32

Dugong Magic p.32

Dumbleton, Mike p.40

Dyu, Lily p.26

Earth Heroes p.26

Eland, Eva ill. p.33

Ell, Sarah NZp.8

Elliott, Rebecca p.42

Emezi, Akwaeke p.46

Epstein, Sarah p.42

Fantastically Great Women p.31

Favretto, Robert p.34

Fish Kid and the Mega Manta Ray p.37

Follath, Isabelle ill. p.33

French, Jackie p.34 and p.39

From Space to Core: A Journey to the Centre of the Earth p.30

Fussell, Sandy p.38

Ghosts of Howlers Beach, The p.39

Gilderdale, Alan ill. NZp.3

Gilderdale, Peter and Betty NZp.3

Gill, Maria NZp.8

Godwin, Nicole p.33

Gonzales, Sophie p.44

Great Big Brain Book, The p.31

Green, Bernadette p.35

Green, David NZp.8

Greenberg, Nicki ill. p.36

Hallifax, Clare p.36

Hardy, David ill. p.36

Hassan, Clarisse ill. p.28

Hattie p.39

Hawking, Stephen and Lucy p.29

Heart and Soul p.35

Heinduczek, Martina ill. p.32

Hello! Kia Ora! Welcome New Friend! NZp.4

Highland Falcon Thief, The p.39

Hinde, Deborah ill. NZp.4, NZp.5

Hoffman, Mary and Ros Asquith p.31

Hofmeyr, David p.43

Holt, Guy p.30

How to Make a Better World p.46

Howarth, Kylie p.37

Hughes, Alistair ill. NZp.8

Hume, Clair p.33

Hunt, Janet NZp.7

I’m Ready for Easter p.32

I’m Ready for the New Baby p.32

Iacopelli, Jennifer p.42

Ice Breaker! An Epic Antarctic Adventure NZp.8

In the Key of Code p.39

Incredible Hotel, The p.33

Jacob, Henry ill. NZp.3

Jeffreys, Rhys ill. p.46

Jellett, Tom ill. p.33

Jelly-Boy p.33

Jiffy, Cat Detective NZp.4

Johnson, Rebecca p.37

Johnson, Sarah NZp.5

Kelly, Andrew p.41

Kelly, Deborah p.32

Kiwi Baby NZp.3

Kurahau NZp.4

Lai, Thanhha p.43

League of Llamas: Llama Impossible p.38

League of Llamas: The Golden Llama p.38

LeBarge, Melanie p.29

Lee, Jenny p.43

Leonard, M.G. and Sam Sedgman p.39

Lerwill, Ben p.34

Lessac, Frane p.28

Lickens, Alice ill. p.37

Lind, David NZp.4

List of Things That Will Not Change p.40

Little Lon p.41

Little People, Big Dream: David Attenborough p.26

Little Yellow Digger, The NZp.3

Lizard’s Tale NZp.5

Lost Wonders NZp.8

Lovelock, Brian ill. NZp.3

Lucido, Aimee p.39

Luyken, Corinna ill. p.38

Madden, Tobias p.43

Magnolia Sword, The: A Ballad of Mulan p.44

Martin, Carol Ann p.35

Martins, Fern ill. p.35

Masciullo, Lucia ill. p.37

Matijasevich, Astrid ill. NZp.4

Matthew Flinders: Adventures on Leaky Ships p.31

Max and the Midknights p.37

Merriman, Eileen NZp.6

Millard, Glenda p.32

Morphing Murphy p.34

Morris, Phoebe ill. NZp.8

Morrison, Stacey NZp.7

Mrs Battleship NZp.6

Muhammad, Ibtihaj with S.K. Ali p.36

Mum’s Elephant p.29

Murrell, Belinda p.36

Mutton-Rogers, Laya ill. NZp.4

My First Words in Maori NZp.7

Never Forget p.36

New Prayer for the Animals, A p.46

Nielsen, Christopher ill. p.33

Nilsson, Frida p.39

Noh, Mikyo ill. p.26

Nozica, Narcisa and Miles Merrill p.29

Nwosu, Poppy p.44

O’Carrigan, Simon ill. p.36

O’Keefe, Maureen Jipyiliya Nampijnpa p.29

One World Many Colours p.34

Only Mostly Devastated p.44

Orpin, Beci p.36

Paganelli, Elisa ill. p.39

Pankhurst, Kate p.31

Parker the Very Nosy Cat NZp.4

Peirce, Lincoln p.37

Pet p.46

Phipps, Gareth NZp.8

Pipi Kiwi NZp.3

Potter, Heather and Mark Jackson ill. p.41

Pretty Funny p.42

Proudest Blue, The p.36

Putting Australia on the Map p.28

Red Day p.38

Reeder, Stephanie Owen p.31

Ritchie, Isa Pearl NZp.5

Robaard, Jedda ill. p.32

Saxby, Claire p.40

Scott, Mary-anne NZp.6

Sievert, Nicky ill. NZp.4

Slam Your Poetry: Write a Revolution p.29

Smelly Giant, The NZp.4

Smith, Craig NZp.4

Sommerville, Hannah ill. p.40

Spaghetti Giraffe and the Egg of Courage NZp.5

Spearo NZp.6

Staathof, Alette ill. p.34

Stanley, Rose NZp.7

Starting Secondary School p.30

Stead, Rebecca p.40

Stewart, Lisa ill. p.32

Stewart, Nicole p.30

Sutton, Sally NZp.3

Suwannakit, Tull ill. p.34 and p.35

Swift, Keilly p.46

Take Heart, Take Action p.36

Taking Down Evelyn Tait p.44

Taylor, Helen NZp.3

Tell, The p.46

Teo, Ali and John O’Reilly NZp.7

Thomas, Sherry p.44

Three Kiwi Tales NZp.7

Tipene, Tim NZp.6

Today in New Zealand History NZp.8

Tohora, The Southern Right Whale NZp.7

Top Secret Interdimensional Notes of Buttons McGinty, The NZp.5

Trio of Sophies, A NZp.6

Under the Milky Way: Traditions and Celebrations Beneath the Stars p.28

Underdog p.43

Unlocking the Universe p.29

Vegara, Maria Isabel Sanchez p.26

Watters, Steve NZp.8

Watts, Frances p.40

Weird Little Robots p.38

Weston, Rachel NZp.4

What’s Out There? p.30

What’s the Point of Math? p.28

Whatley, Ben Smith (concept by) p.34

Whatley, Bruce ill. p.34

Wheels NZp.3

When Sadness Comes to Call p.33

Who’s Your Real Mum? p.35

Wilkinson, Carole p.28

Will the Wonderkid p.31

Wilson, Mark p.46

Women Artists A – Z p.29

Wonderful World of Ants, The p.26

Worsley, Lucy p.44

Wyatt, Amanda p.28

Year the Maps Changed, The p.38

Yoelu, Maree McCarthy and Samantha Fry p.33

You’re Crushing It! p.28

Zobel, Anna ill. p.35