Books reviewed in this issue.

Volume 35 No. 1 March 2020


AFRICA: Amazing Africa, Country by Country p.26

Ali Cross p.40

Ali, Rosalind NZp.6

All of This is for You NZp.4

Ancient World in 100 Words, The p.29

Animals p.32

Anzac Girl: The War Diaries of Alice Ross-King p.26

Aspiring NZp.6

Asterix and the Chieftan’s Daughter p.36

Atinuke p.26

Awatea and the Kawa Gang NZp.5

Backyard Birds p.31

Balen, Katya p.36

Bancroft, Bronwyn p.31

Barkla, Charlotte p.36

Barraud, Ned NZp.7

Bat Book, The p.28

Beach Wombat, The p.33

Belcher, Angie NZp.3

Bell, Hilary p.35

Bland, Nick p.32

Boys in the Waka Ama, The NZp.3

Brooks, Ben p.37

Burtseva, Irina ill. NZp.4

Can You Hear the Trees Talking? p.26

Candler, Gillian NZp.7

Carlin, Laura ill. p.36

Carr-Gregg, Michael p.30

Chambers, Susannah p.33

Chatterton, Chris ill. p.33

Chicken’s Curse, The p.42

Choi, Mary H.K. p.44

Chrimes, Penny p.37

Coelho, Joseph p.35

Collective, The p.47

Colossal Book of Colour, The p.29

Coming Home to Country p.31

Constable, Kate p.37

Construction of Cranes, A p.32

Cooee Mittigar p.35

Cooper, Jenny ill. NZp.3

Corner of My Eye, The p.35

Crisp, Maureen NZp.4

Culture p.29

Cunning Crow p.34

Denham, Ciara p.31

Dieckmann, Sandra p.32

Dinosaur Hunter: Joan Wiffen’s Awesome Fossil Discoveries NZp.6

Do, Anh p.37

Dozer the Fire Cat NZp.3

Dreise, Gregg p.34

Dyer, Jane ill. p.31

E-Boy 1: Lightning Strike p.37

Eglington, Tara p.44

Ella at Eden: New Girl p.42

Emeney, Johanna NZp.6

Eureka! A Story of the Goldfields p.36

Explore Your World: Weird, Wild, Amazing p.26

Fauna: Australia’s Most Curious Creatures p.28

Favourite Book, The p.33

Feddog, Mouni ill. p.26

Ferri, Jean-Yves p.36

Flannery, Tim p.26

Florian, Annemarie NZp.7

Fox, Mem p.31

French, Jackie p.38

Frostheart p.39

Gianella, Valentina p.28

Gifford, Clive p.29

Gifford, Lucinda ill. p.42

Girl the Sea Gave Back, The p.48

Godwin, Jane p.33

Gold Rush p.38

Green, John p.44

Gregg, Stacy NZp.5

Guinevere Deception, The p.47

H is for Happiness p.38

Hagar, Mandy NZp.8

Hairdo That Got Away, The p.35

Hancock, James Gulliver ill. p.29

Hardy, Sarah ill. p.30

Harriet and the Eye of the Bird NZp.5

Harris, Robie H. p.33

Hendry, Lorna p.29

Hidden Wonders: A Guide to the Planet’s Wildest, Weirdest Places p.28

Hill, David NZp.6, NZp.7

Hindsight – Pivotal Moments in NZ History NZp.8

Hope, Charles p.29

How to Make Friends (Edie’s Experiments Book 1) p.36

How Trains Work p.29

Hughes, Alistair ill. NZp.7

Hulink, Kathryn p.29

Hunt, Janet NZp.7

Impossible Boy, The p.37

Infinity Son p.46

Jackson, Mark ill. p.33

January Stars, The p.37

Johnson, Maureen p.44

Jones, Ruby NZp.4

Jonsberg, Barry p.38

Joseph, Darryn NZp.3

Kea: Curiouser and Curiouser NZp.7

Kett, Margaret Robson p.32

King, Amy Sarig p.38

King, Stephen Michael p.34

Lamb, Julie NZp.5

Land of Roar, The p.39

Lester, Alison p.33

Let It Snow p.44

Littler, Jamie p.39

Long Distance Playlist, The p.44

Lumbers, Fiona ill. p.35

Madden, Tobias p.42

Magerl, Caroline p.32

Maggi, Nicole p.28

Maui’s Taonga Tales NZp.8

McCartney, Tania p.28

McKenna, Brenton E. p.39

McLachlan, Jenny p.39

McManus, Karen M. p.45

McWatters, Nikki p.46

Mille, Jessica p.39

Milner, Charlotte p.28

Milroy, Helen p.31

Monsieur Charles’ Circus Quest NZp.4

Morris, Brittney p.46

Morris, Phoebe ill. NZp.6, NZp.7

Murguia, Bethanie Deeney p.33

Murray, Barbara p.30

Murray, Stuan p.40

Myracle, Lauren p.44

New Kind of Everything, A p.48

New Zealand Nature Heroes NZp.7

Nine Worlds in Nine Nights p.40

Nop p.32

Now What? A Math Tale p.33

One of Us is Next p.45

Oram, Hiawyn p.40

Orphans of the Tide p.40

Painted Ponies p.33

Patterson, James p.40

Permanent Record p.44

Pesenti, Antonia ill. p.35

Petherick, Michael NZp.4

Prince of Ponies NZp.5

Prokop, Robyn NZp.3

Racklyeft, Jean ill. p.26

Red at the Bone p.47

Republic of Birds, The p.39

Riley, David NZp.8

Robinson, Elly p.30

Rock Pools: A Guide for Kiwi Kids NZp.7

Rodda, Emily p.42

Roly Poly p.31

Saga p.46

Sam and Julia: Mouse Mansion Book One p.34

Scary Mary and the Stripe Spell p.42

Schaapman, Karina p.34

Scholte, Astrid p.48

Seymour, Jasmine p.35

Shaw, Tina NZp.5

Sieveking, Laura p.42

Signals. A Literary Journal, Issue 8 NZp.6

Silvera, Adam p.46

Simpson, Kate p.26

Slay p.46

Smith, Fraser NZp.5

Sound Stories p.30

Space We’re In p.36

Stewart, Lisa ill. p.31

Storer, Jen p.31

Strange But True p.29

Summer Time p.35

Surviving Year 12 p.30

Takeuchi, Chihiro p.32

Taking the Lead: How Jacinda Ardern Wowed the World NZp.7

Thompson, Colin p.35

Three Kiwi Tales NZp.7

Three p.34

Tiger Heart p.37

Tilly p.33

Tipuna, Debbie ill. NZp.3

Tokelau Heroes NZp.8

Tumeke NZp.4

Ubby’s Underdogs: Return of the Dragons p.39

Underdog p.42

Ursa NZp.5

Vanishing Deep, The p.48

Very Super Bear, The p.32

Viloamu, Moses ill. NZp.8

Wahl, Chris ill. p.37

Waiting for Wolf p.32

Walker, Anna ill. p.33

Watson, Leanne Mulgo ill. p.35

Watts, Frances p.42

We Are All Greta p.28

We Went to the Collingwood Children’s Farm p.31

Whakarongo ki Tapuna: Listen to Your Ancestors NZp.3

Whata, Munro Te ill. NZp.3

White, Kiersten p.47

Whitlock, Lindsey p.47

Whitney and Britney: Chicken Divas p.34

Wibble Wobble p.31

Wilkins, Damien NZp.6

Wilson, Dr Doug NZp.5

Wilson, Mark p.36

Wohlleben, Peter p.26

Woodson, Jacqueline p.47

Wright, Gordy ill. p.29

Wyatt, David ill. p.40

Year We Fell from Space, The p.38

Young, Adrienne p.48

Zeke Battle: Earthquake Boy NZp.5

Ziegler, Caitlin ill. p.32