Books reviewed in this issue.

Volume 34 No. 5 November 2019


Adventures of Anders, The p.36
Adventures of Jabu and Friends Book 1: Trainsurfer NZp.6
All About Graphs p.22
All of Us: A History of South East Asia p.21
Angel Mage p.42
Animology p.24
Antarctica p.21
Arsenault, Isabelle ill. p.40
Ask Hercules Quick p.32
Atlas of Monsters and Ghosts p.24
Australian Survival Guide, The p.24
Bad Crab p.26
Barraud, Ned NZp.7
Bayly, Sami p.21
Been There: Young People’s Stories of Struggle and Hope NZp.7
Best Dog in the World, The NZp.4
Billcliff, Judi NZp.5
Bishop, Gavin NZp.8
Bixley, Donovan NZp.4
Bold Tales for Brave-Hearted Boys p.36
Boo! p.26
Bookworm, The p.28
Bowsher, Alice ill. p.22
Brain-fizzing Facts p.22
Brenlla, Laura ill. p.24
Britt, Fanny p.40
Brown, Helen NZp.4
Bruton, Catherine p.34
Bumblebees Have Smelly Feet NZp.5
Bunting, Philip ill. p.26
Burgis, Stephanie p.34
Burton, David p.40
Capetta, Amy Rose and Cori McCarthy p.40
Cena, John p.28
Chapman, Cat ill. NZp.4
Chapman, Pat NZp.4
Christo, Alexandra p.40
Clancy the Quokka p.30
Clarkson, Giselle ill. p.26
Cleo and Rob NZp.4
Cloud Boy p.38
Conaghan, Brian p.41
Coote, Maree p.24
Court, Moira p.21
Cowan, Grant ill. p.28
Cowley, Joy p.26
Crisp, Maureen NZp.5
Dahl, Sophie p.32
Dear Grandpa p.28
Deathless Girls, The p.41
Dinnigan, Collette p.28
Donaldson, Julia p.27
Drewery, Melanie NZp.4
Dubosarsky, Ursula p.32
Duder, Tessa NZp.8
Dumazi and the Big Yellow Lion p.27
Duncan, Tracy ill. NZp.4
Earthquakes! Shaking New Zealand NZp.7
Elbow Grease vs Motozilla p.28
Ellinas, Georghia (retold by) p.31
Elliot, David ill. NZp.8
Evans, Gabriel p.26
First Christmas, The p.27
First Map: How James Cook Charted Aotearoa New Zealand NZp.8
First Time for Everything, A p.30
Fly p.30
Flynn, Justine and Chris Kunz p.35
France, Adam p.35
French, Jackie and Virginia Hooker p.21
Fuller, Lisa p.35
Ghosh, Ronojoy ill. p.28
Ghost Bird p.35
Gill, Maria NZp.7
Girl and the Dinosaur, The p.32
Girl Who Thought in Picties, The p.22
Girl, the Dog and the Writer in Lucerne, The p.37
Gliori, Debi p.28
Gobbledegook Book, The p.26
Grace Year, The p.41
Grace’s Secrets p.37
Greenberg, Nicki p.30
Grossman, Dr Emily p.22
Hall, Tiffiny and Ed Kavalee p.30
Hargrave, Kiran Millwood p.41
Harvey-Smith, Lisa p.22
Hasina p.38
Hendry, Lorna p.22
Hinde, Deborah ill. NZp.5
Hobbs, Leigh p.30
Home p.21
Hope, Charles p.21
How to Lose Rockstar NZp.5
Hughes, Molly p.32
Hunt, Heather NZp.4
Hutley, Tania NZp.6
I Go Quiet p.34
I Had a Brother NZp.5
I Need a Parrot p.27
Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Ugly Animals, The p.21
Into the Crooked Place p.40
Ivanoff, George p.24
James, Petra p.35
Janu, Tamsin p.36
Jordan, Sherryl NZp.6
Joseph, Dr Darren and Keri Opai (translated by) NZp.4
Joyner, Andrew ill. p.26 and p.32
Kazemi, Nahid ill. p.41
Khoza, Valanga p.27
Langley, Steve (editor)
Laugesen. Malene ill. NZp.5
Lawson, JonArno p.41
Ledden, Liz and Andrew Plant p.26
Liggett, Kim p.41
Louie and Snippy Save the Sea p.28
Louis Undercover p.40
M Word, The p.41
Macdonald, Theo ill. NZp.5
Mackay, Gregory p.36
Madame Badobedah p.32
Magrin, Federica p.24
Man in the Water, The p.40
Marsh, Selina Tusitala NZp.8
Massini, Sarah ill. p.32
Matthews, Mel ill. p.22
McFarlane, Susannah p.36
McGeachin, Jess p.30
McInerney, Amelia p.26
McKimmie, Chris p.27
McWilliam, Howard ill. p.28
Menefy, Diana NZp.5
Miss Kraken p.30
Mitchell, Saundra p.42
Mophead NZp.8
Morelli, Christelle and Susan Ouriou (translated) p.40
Morris, Phoebe ill. NZp.4
Morris, Toby with Ross Calman and Mark Derby NZp.7
Mosca, Julia Finley p.22
Most Ungrateful Girl in the World, The p.35
Mr Chicken All Over Australia p.30
Mr Kiwi Has an Important Job NZp.4
Mutton, Alison ill. p.30
Nagelkerke, Bill NZp.7
Nanny Mihi and the Rainbow NZp.4
Night the Moon Fell Down, The NZp.7
Ninja Kid 4: Amazing Ninja p.34
Nix, Garth p.42
No Ballet Shoes in Syria p.34
O’Hara, Lauren p.32
Ollie and Augustus p.26
Once and Future p.40
Ottley, Matt ill. p.27
Ouimet, David p.34
Over the Rooftops, Under the Moon p.41
Paddy T and the Time-Travelling Trampoline p.35
Park, Louise p.37
Peppa’s Underwater Australian Adventure p.28
Perfectly Preventable Deaths p.42
Princess Who Flew With Dragons, The p.34
Prom, The p.42
Quinn, Katherine ill. p.38
Racklyeft, Jess ill. p.27
Reeder, Stephanie Owen p.22 and p.32
Reiley, Daniel ill. p.22
Richards, Kate S. NZp.6
Rock Pools: A Guide for Kiwi Kids NZp.7
Scary Tales: Rhymes for Brave Children NZp.5
Scheffler, Axel ill. p.27
Secrets of Magnolia Moon, The p.38
Simpson, Kate p.28
Skin Hunter, Book One NZp.6
Smeds and the Smoos, The p.27
Snaith, Tai p.31
Sobel, Anna ill. p.35
Some Places More Than Others p.38
Stanton, Matt p.27
Stewart, Briony ill. p.32
Story Time Stars: Favourite Characters from Australian Picture Books p.22
Sullivan, Deidre p.42
Szymanik, Melinda NZp.5
Tales of Aotearoa: How Maui Slowed Down the Sun NZp.4
Te Tiriti o Waitangi / The Treaty of Waitangi NZp.7
Tempest, The p.31
Thin, Michelle Aung p.38
Time Machine & Other Stories NZp.5
Trouble in the Surf p.32
Tulip and Brutus p.26
Under the Stars: Astrophysics for Bedtime p.22
Unlisted, The p.35
Watson, Renee p.38
Wild, Margaret p.26
Wildlife of Aotearoa NZp.8
Wilkinson, Lili p.30
Williams, Marcia p.38
Wilson, Mark ill. p.21
Wilson, Rachel NZp.5
Winston and the Wondrous Wooba Gymnastics Club p.36
Wyatt, Edwina p.38
Wynter’s Thief NZp.6
You Might Find Yourself p.31
Zainal, Zahra ill. p.35