Books reviewed in this issue.

Volume 35 No. 4 September 2020


100% Wolf p.39

Abigail and the Restless Raindrop NZp.5

Across the Risen Sea NZp.7

Albert Einstein’s Theory of Everything p.26

An Owl Called Star p.39

Andreae, Giles p.32

Andrews, Kimberley p.36

Ardern, Jacinda NZp.8

Avis and the Promise of Dragons NZp.7

Babbitt, Natalie p.38

Barkla, Charlotte p.38

Barkley p.34

Bartlett, Don p.30

Barton, Ashleigh p.33

Beware! Ralfy Rabbit and the Secret Book Biter p.32

Beyond Belief p.45

Bixley, Donovan NZp.6

Blackwell, Geoff NZp.8

Brocker, Susan NZp.5

Bruce, Hilary ill. p.28

Brumfitt, Tarin p.30

Bunting, Laura p.36

Bunting, Philip p.28

Burne, Cristy p.32

By the Billabong p.33

Carly Mills Pioneer Girl, Book One, A New World p.41

Charlie Morphs Into a Mammoth p.38

Chen, Victoria ill. NZp.8

Clementine and Rudy p.43

Clock of Stars A: The Shadow Moth p.44

Cluess, Jessica p.43

Coco: Big City Kitty p.36

Copeland, Sam p.38

Courtney-Tickle, Jessica ill. p.39

Crane, Rebecca p.34

Craw, Rob p.32

Cunningham, Matthew NZp.5

Curham, Siobhan p.43

Currey, Anna p.33

Dark Blue Rising p.45

Darroch, Bob NZp.4

Don, Lori p.30

Donaldson, Julia p.33

Dungey, Samantha p.28

Duvoisin, Roger ill. p.32

Edie’s Experiments 2: How to Be the Best p.38

Edmonds, My First Cookbook NZp.8

Elephant Me p.32

Embrace Your Body p.30

Enright, Amanda ill. p.34

Esmeralda’s Nest p.34

Extraordinary Parenting p.26

Fatio, Louise p.32

Fielder, Goodman NZp.8

Fierce, Fearless and Free p.30

Finn, Maura p.33

Fiona Wood: Inventor of Spray-on Skin p.32

Fiske, Anna p.30

Flett, Sandy ill. p.38

Flying Furballs: Nine Lives NZp.6

Foot, Mandy ill. p.34

Fraillon, Zana p.41

French, Jackie p.40

Friday the Rebel Dog NZp.5

Ghosts on the Hill, The NZp.6

Gibbons, Francesca p.44

Godwin, Jane p.43

Great Godden, The p.45

Grossman, Lev p.42

Gunson, Dave ill. NZp.4

Gwynne, Philip p.34

Hackett, Dave p.34

Hair Holiday, The p.36

Hancock, James Gulliver p.26

Hanley, Sinead ill. p.30

Happy Lion, The p.32

Haslam, C.J. p.44

Hawk p.43

Heiduczek, Martina ill. p.33

Heron, Steve p.36

High Wire NZp.5

Hike p.36

Hinde, Deborah NZp.4

History Speech, The NZp.7

Home, Sarah p.38

Hope p.30

Hound the Detective p.36

House of Dragons p.43

How Do You Make a Baby? p.30

How to Make a Pet Monster: Hodgepodge p.42

Hunter, Anne NZp.4

I Am the Universe NZp.4

I Know This to Be True: Jacinda Ardern NZp.8

I Want to Be an Engineer p.28

Jacka, Professor Felice p.32

Jackamo the Supreme Champion NZp.6

James, Cate ill. p.33

James, Greg p.42

Johnston, Benjamin ill. p.36

Johnston, Nicky ill. p.36

Jones, Lloyd NZp.5

Kid Normal and the Final Five p.42

Kiernan, Celine p.39

Kirtley, Sophie p.41

Kuwi and Friends Maori Picture Dictionary NZp.8

Kwaymullina, Ambelin p.26

Langley, Josh p.28

Lapinski, L.D. p.40

Larry Leadbeater p.34

Lawrence, Iszi p.42

Lim, Elizabeth p.44

Ling Li’s Lantern p.36

Living on Stolen Land p.26

Lonely Planet: Airports p.26

Lonely Planet: Cities p.26

Lonely Planet: Trains p.26

Lost Soul Atlas, The p.41

Lyons, Jayne p.39

MacDibble, Bren NZp.7

MacKenzie, Emily p.32

Magnificent Mistakes and Fantastic Failures p.28

Mallory, Mallory: The Revenge of the Tooth Fairy NZp.7

Mammoth Stew NZp.4

McDonald, Bree ill. p.36

McGrath, Raymond ill. NZp.5

McLeod, Euan ill. NZp.5

McQuillan, Heather NZp.7

Merchant, Jackie p.40

Moore, Robert p.34

Muldoon, Eilidh p.30

Mummy Monster NZp.4

Mummy Smugglers of Crumblin Castle, The p.41

Nagelkerke, Bill NZp.6

Norcliff, James NZp.7

Orla and the Serpent’s Curse p.44

Oswald, Pete p.36

Papa, Pania NZp.8

Parker-Rees, Guy ill. p.32

Patterson, James p.43

Peters, Helen p.39

Peterson, Madeleine p.36

Pierce, Nelle May ill. p.41

Pink! p.33

Pony Question, The p.40

Promise Witch, The p.39

Prust, Nicole p.34

Puffin Little Cook: Snacks p.28

Puffin Little Environmentalist: Composting p.28

Puffin Little Scientist: The Solar System p.28

Quin, Kat NZp.8

Rickman, Eloise p.26

Riddell, Chris ill. p.44

Rosoff, Meg p.45

Rossell, Judith ill. p.33

Roxy and Jones: The Great Fairy Cover-Up.39

Rubio, Ayesha L. ill. p.41

Rushby, Pamela p.41

Saclier, Krys p.37

Schoolmasters Daughter, The p.40

Silver Arrow, The p.42

Sleep Litle Kiwi, Sleep NZp.4

Sloth and the Dinglewot, The p.34

Small Town p.34

Smith, Chris p.42

Smith, Jane p.41

Snowdon, Ellie ill. p.39

Spence, Dustin ill. p.42

Spin the Dawn p.44

Strangeworlds Travel Agency, The p.40

Sweet, Mark NZp.7

Tales of All Kinds p.39

Teeny Weeny Genie, The p.33

Terry, Teri p.45

Thatcher, Stephanie NZp.4

There’s a Zoo in My Poo p.32

Time for Adventure, Daddy p.34

Tooke, Hana p.41

Tuck Everylasting p.38

Twinkle, Tickle, Little Star NZp.4

Unadoptables, The p.41

Unka, Vasanti NZp.4

Unstoppable Letty Pegg, The p.42

Vote 4 Me p.37

Walker, Emily ill. NZp.7

Watson, Jo p.34

Weston-Lewis, James ill. p.26

What Do You Call Your Grandpa? p.33

When Rain Turns to Snow p.43

White, Dee p.45

Who Am I? p.28

Wilcox, Cathy p.37

Wild Way Home, The p.41

Wild, Margaret p.33

Wilkins, Sarah ill. NZp.5

Wilkinson, Carl p.26

Wilkinson, Lili p.42

Wilson, Heather ill. NZp.6

Wilson, Kelly NZp.6

Woolfe, Angela p.39