Books reviewed in this issue.

Volume 35 No. 5 November 2020


Abela, Deborah p.32

Adventure Starts at Bedtime p.28

Again Again p.40

Albertalli, Becky p.43

Alice-Miranda in the Outback p.42

Allen, Lisa ill. NZp.5

Andrews, Kimberley ill. NZp.3

Arja, Arwah p.44

Aunty’s Wedding p.34

Barraud, Ned NZp.7

Bayron, Kalynn p.46

Be Your Own Man p.28

Bear in Space p.32

Black, Kitty and Daron Parton p.32

Blake, Quentin ill. p.30

Brain Freeze p.40

Bunny Girl: The First Adventure p.33

Bunting, Philip p.35

Bushfire Book, The p.27

But Who’s Looking After the Animals? NZp.4

Butterfly and the Mountain, The NZp.4

Campbell, James and Rob Jones p.27

Cathro, Robbie ill. p.28

Challenger Deep p.45

Chambers, Mark ill. p.38

Chickensaurus p.38

Child, Lauren p.33

Chisholm, Lael ill. NZp.4

Cinderella is Dead p.46

Clarke, Malcolm NZp.3

Cleveland-Peck, Patricia p.34

Climate in Chaos, A p.26

Colfer, Chris p.43

Collins, Dr Anita p.28

Colston, Fifi ill. NZp.3

Corry, Lydia ill. p.36

Cowell, Cressida p.41

Crocodile in the Family, A p.32

Crosby-Fairall, Marjorie p.32 and p.36

Dare to Be You p.27

Deen, Sophie p.42

Ell, Gordon NZp.7

English, Alex p.38

Ernie and the Magic Kennel NZp.3

Evans, Gabriel p.35

F Team, The p.44

Fantastic Mr Bean NZp.5

Fensham, Elizabeth p.39

Ferguson, Penny Min ill. p.34

Flox ill. NZp.3

Foley, James p.38

Found p.36

Frater, Adrienne NZp.6

Fry, Samantha ill. p.34

Funny Life of Sharks, The p.27

Fusillo, Archimede p.43

Gardner, Sally p.36

Gater, Will p.27

Gilderdale, Betty NZp.3

Gold! p.26

Goody, The p.33

Grumbelina p.34

Gunson, David NZp.7

Gurney, Chris NZp.4

Harricks, Tannya ill. p.28

Harvey, Jacqueline p.42

Hello Jimmy! p.32

Henn, Sophy p.40

Henrie’s Hero Hunt p.40

Huberta’s Big Surprise p.36

Hug Blanket, The NZp.4

Human Body Survival Guide, The p.30

Humpty Dumpty Sat on the Slide p.36

Hunt, Des NZp.6

Hunt, Julie p.38

Hurrah for Yum Cha! NZp.3

Hyland, Maureen p.39

Ivanoff, George p.30

James, Petra p.40

Jane, Holly p.33

Johnson, Nicholas J. p.39

Kahukiwa Robyn NZp.4 and NZp.5

Kamelia Zarka: History Making Pilot NZp.7

Kaufman, Amie and Meagan Spooner p.46

Kerin, Jackie p.26

Kinney, Jeff p.42

Kiwi Runners’ Family Tree NZp.8

Knight, Ness p.28

Kookaburra p.28

Kostakis, Will p.43

Kranz, Andy Mia p.26

Krogdahl, Esther p.34

Laguna, Ingrid p.39

Lampert, Klay and Mark p.36

Lan, Qu ill. p.28

Lang, Renee NZp.4

Lawrence, Hayley p.45

Layton, Neal p.26

Ledden-Lewis, Charmaine ill. p.36

Lela’ulu, Nanette ill. NZp.3

Levithan, David p.46

Lisa Carrington: Olympic Champion NZp.7

Little Jiang p.35

Little Yellow Digger Saves Christmas, The NZp.3

Lockhart, E. p.40

Lost Library, The p.35

Love Songs p.46

Love, Creekwood p.43

Loveless p.45

Marr, Shirley p.35

Marsden, Polly p.27

Marshmallow Pie the Cat Superstar on TV p.38

Marshmallow Pie the Cat Superstar p.38

McGeachin, Jess p.35

McMillan, Dawn NZp.4

Mead, Denika NZp.5

Meesha Makes Friends p.34

Mission Shark Bytes p.42

Music Adventure, The p.28

My Dad Used to Be So Cool p.35

My Dog is a Winner p.39

Mysteries of the Universe, The p.27

Nala the Koala p.34

Neands NZp.6

Negley, Keith p.35

Newman, Dale ill. p.38

Nixon, Chris ill. p.27

Norton and the Bear p.35

Not Cute. p.35

O’Donnell, Kate p.44

Of Boys and Boats p.41

Oseman, Alice p.45

Other Side of the Sky, The p.46

Our Incredible Dogs: The Stories Behind the Statues NZp.8

Pascoe, Bruce p.36

Pat Cronin Foundation: Footy Fever p.39

Pat Cronin Foundation: The Four Square Challenge p.39

Pat Cronin Foundation: The New Playground p.39

Pea + Nut Go for Gold! p.32

Percival, Tom p.34

Phommavanh, Oliver p.40

Pizazz p.40

Punching the Air p.44

Rabbits, Polly ill. NZp.4

Rakete, Robert and Jeanette Thomas NZp.3

Rankin, Bruce ill. p.39

Raphael, Solli p.26

Rebel Gods p.43

Red Edge NZp.6

Riley, David NZp.7

Roberts, Ngaere NZp.4

Ross, Tony ill. p.41

Rowley Jefferson’s Awesome Family Adventure p.42

Royal Orchid: The Death Hunters NZp.5

Ruby Tuesday p.45

Rush to Riches: Kauri and Gold NZp.7

Salmon, Dan

Sanders, Jessica p.28

Sarkar, Anjan ill. p.42

Saxby, Claire p.28

Scott, Mary-Anne NZp.5

Secret Home, The p.26

Sharpe, Nessie NZp.3

Shoestring: The Boy Who Walks on Air p.38

Shusterman, Neal p.45

Sky Pirates: Echo Quickthorn and the Great Beyond p.38

Sobanja, Dreydon NZp.8

Spotlight p.26

SS Penguin SOS NZp.6

Stacey Waaka: World Champion Rugby Player NZp.7

Stanton, Matt p.32

Stewart, Briony p.32

Sunflower p.39

Syed, Matthew p.27

Szmidt, Aleksandra ill. p.34

Takeuchi, Chihiro p.28

Tale of Magic, A p.43

Tapsell, Miranda and Joshua Tyler p.34

Tazzyman, David ill. p.34

Te Meke Tuatara NZp.3

Thatcher, Stephanie ill. NZp.4

There’s a Weta in My Sweater NZp.4

This One is Ours p.44

Tindims of Rubbish Island, The p.36

Trevaskis, Ian p.41

Tribal Lores p.43

Tricky Nick p.39

True Story NZp.5

Uncle Tino NZp.3

Va’afusuaga, Jane NZp.3

Vulliamy, Clara p.38

Walker, Anna p.32

Walliams, David p.41

We Love You, Magoo p.32

Werry, Phillipa NZp.8

Where is It? A Wildlife Hunt for Kiwi Kids NZp.7

Which? What? Why? New Zealand Garden Wildlife NZp.7

Which? What? Why? New Zealand Seashore Wildlife NZp.7

White, Annie ill. p.26

Whose Bones? p.28

Wilson, Tom p.36

Wizards of Once, The p.41

Wizards of Once, The: Knock Three Times p.41

Wizards of Once, The: Never and Forever p.41

Wizards of Once, The: Twice Magic p.41

World of Roald Dahl, The p.30

World’s Worst Parents, The p.41

Yi, A. ill. p.40

You Can’t Call an Elephant in an Emergency p.34

Zoboi, Ibi and Yusef Salaam p.44